Monday, 18 February 2013

Markwins Eyeshadow Sticks

Thursday, 14 February 2013

V-Day 2013 - Steal my Look

Steal my Look - my latest everyday look

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Snoe Beauty Gives Love!

This love month, we are giving away sampler sets to three winners and a 30g Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil to five consolation prize winners.

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Friday, 1 February 2013

skincare - update

Hello y'all, so I've been trying to get rid of my facial burns which I've inflicted myself to try and get rid of my many tiny bumps on my face... did it work? Sadly not! I've recently started a new skincare routine and it's already been a week.

My face is visually getting better and I am now more confident to leave the house again without wearing makeup! Awesome! If you've read my previous posts, I have burned my face with acid (wart-removing fluid because these bumps were annoying!!!!)

I've been trying to get rid of them for almost 2 years now. When I went to the dermatologist she charged me a ridiculous amount just to prick them on my face... did they disappear? NO! They've actually gotten worse :(

My skin does not feel smooth at all! I've hated myself for this...
Though I had never really had flawless skin... I want to!!! Who doesn't? We are all looking for the ultimate skincare routine that would best fit our skin type and that would keep our skin clean and clear and looking great! So you wanna know what I'm currently using at the moment?

Beauche International skincare set @PHP750 -- bought this a week ago directly from their distribution center that newly opened along Dona Soledad Ave. Why Beauche? Because I've seen the faces of the people who've tried it and they look super flawless and nice. Though I have also read some bad reviews about it as well I still considered giving it a shot. What do I have to lose?

These are harsh medications (if you would like to try it, I strongly suggest you try it on a part of your skin for a day to see how your skin reacts... I didn't do it because I've already spent for the whole set. -- what a waste if I didn't!!!) The soap, the cleanser and the exfoliating cream have a stingy itchy sensation when applied on the skin... all other products from the set don't. It's because of the ingredients that fight bacteria and kills blemishes.

So yeah, you're not supposed to mix Beauche with other skincare products. But I still kinda did...

And guess what? The soap and the creams are very similar to the product line called Lanelle, which I have tried last year - set cost me PHP1050 - saw my former office mate using this and her skin is gorgeous! She is now a mother of 2 and has a young pinkish glow to her skin! I tried Lanelle and I peeled within the week (which I didn't really enjoy by the way! I discontinued using the product because it is expensive and too strong for my skin... and also hard to purchase...)

Now with Beauche, the peeling is minimal (maybe because you need to rub your face in the morning with ice to get rid of the peeling skin - I on the other hand use St. Ives Apricot Scrub to lightly remove dead skin...) I also recently purchased the DermaWand! It's seriously working pretty good. I enjoy the prickly sensation... I use it at night after applying the exfoliating cream (because the itchy feeling goes away...) I also use the wand in the morning after my bath, I just apply 2 pumps of argan oil and spread it all on my face, hairline and neck before I use the wand... then I use the age eraser cream (day cream) from Beauche.

Anyway, I am posting the progress of my skin... Tell me what you think...