Sunday, 30 September 2012

Étude house mini haul end of September 2012

Yeah. I wanted I avoid spending money so I used my points to pay for these babies. I spent 220 points and 322php.

Cotton swabs 300pcs/pack 3 packs @48php
Petit darling eyes matte #1 & #2 @148php each
Look at my eyes cafe mocha br402 @198php
Free: Aloe moist full mask sheet

K thanks. Bye. X

Friday, 28 September 2012

contemplating on a new hairstyle

Thinking of going short again. (from:

I got permission from my <3 that I can go short again though he prefers long and my hair is not that long enough yet. Another thought. Going to just get a trim maybe... or get some permanent waves... I could get waves whenever I want when I just use my iron. So what now? Thinking...

Any suggestions? Thanks, bye!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Body Shop / Snoe Beauty Haul 27-Sept-2012


Satsuma shower gel 750ml @695Php
Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz 100ml @750Php
Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 250ml @750Php
All-in-one Concealer 03 @895Php

Of Course I used my voucher and I got huge discounts.

Spent a total of 1783.50Php instead of the prices above. 😃😃😃

From Snoe I got the awesome poresome 50g @399Php


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Office Look OFTD September 26 2012

Blazer @250PHP (Baclaran)
Skirt @250PHP (Festival)
Scarf @100PHP (Greenhills)
Spag @50PHP (Festival)
Flats @220PHP (Festival)
Shorts @100PHP (Festival)
Necklace @100PHP (Tiyangge in Makati)
BB Cream @1200+PHP (The Body Shop #2)
Face Powder @209PHP (Avon #light beige)
Face Powder @1000+PHP (L'Oreal #G5 golden beige)
Bronzer @1000PHP (The Body Shop #2 fair matte)
Mousse Eyeshadow (Avon #silken sand)
Mousse Blush (Avon #apricot flush)
Mineral Blush @400PHP (FM Cosmetics #coral)
Contour @758PHP (Etude House #1 wood brown)
Lip Tint @ 300++PHP (Lush #snow fairy)
Brow Pencil @234PHP (Cinema Secrets #blonde)
Mascara @450PHP (Maybelline #black waterproof)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

sad about pinkie swear - wear alone

I'm dissapointed. I had used these wonderful colors but apparently, wearing them alone will not last you the whole day.

Since I am a little acidic and I didn't wear any eyeshadow base or primer; the color payoff was super nice when I first applied the eyeshadow on my lids. They are very pigmented... BUT after a few hours, it melted into my crease and I had to blend the colors with a blending brush so that it's even... I used a white eyeshadow as base but that didn't help. The colors are super nice in the beginning, I had blended red, orange and some bronze eyeshadow colors on my eyes, in the end it just looked neutral (slightly orange-y) which is still fine.

I can't wait to find a solution for this, I really really hope that if I use a primer or a base (maybe a mousse shadow) it will last at least a few hours longer, hopefully even more...

If I don't find a solution, then these eyeshadows are only good for photoshoots rather than everyday use.

I bought 2 4-color palettes and I'm really sad about it...

Still on the hunt for good long-lasting eyeshadows...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

photo session - simple makeup

playing with sunlight while waiting for my turn... enjoy!