Friday, 29 June 2012

NARS promo at Rustan's ATC (*Alabang Town Center)


I just spent a lot of money on this brand I have read, heard and seen so much about. NARS. 

I like the simple design and they have gorgeous mono, duo and even trio eyeshadows, bronzers and blushes. I recently have this thing for eyeliners and primers....

So I ended up spurging on 2 eyeliners and 2 primers... guess what I got for FREE?!


I can't wait to try them out and I badly hope that this is worth it.

Let me know if you want a review on any of these products.

Till next time.
Tschüssi!! xx

Monday, 25 June 2012

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

D'Bonita - BENEFIT makeup @ up to 60% OFF!!!


so my friend is selling Benefit makeup for up to 60% off. 
Check her local business out on Facebook.

Please like:


Till next time.
Tschüssi! xx

Friday, 15 June 2012

TGIF - a little late to enjoy payday


So I was kinda pissed about receiving my salary a little late but hey, I did receive it anyway. At least, I didn't get to spend too much...

Anyway, I went to accompany my friend shopping. She bought 2 pairs of shoes 1 pair of heels 1 pair of flats.
I wished my salary had come earlier so I would've shopped for more... of course!!!

We checked out this new store called nature's republic which was next to the shoe store. I'm very interested in their primers, bb creams, tints and eyebrow makeup. --->>> I'm so addicted to makeup I can't help it!!!
Though I promised myself I wanna use up the makeup I currently own which is a LOT and THEN I will try out some of the new stuff I discovered. Yay!

Anyway, I ended up just buying a bunch of shampoo. I'm a sucker for freebies and I got L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner with free 80mL L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo. I also got the Nutri-GlossLight Shine Shampoo with free 80mL Nutri-GlossLight Shine Conditioner.

For my schatzi, I got him his head&shoulders anti dandruff shampoo *for him and for myself as well the head&shoulders anti dandruff shampoo *hair & scalp care thick & long with aloe vera... (Yes, I like buying a lot at the same time... compulsive shopper much!!!)

This is it for now.
Till next time!


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

CamWhore 2012


guess why I called this post CamWhore 2012? Because I confess that I am ONE and I have pictures to prove it!

New MAKEUP GOODIES from a friend ;)


my friend is super generous and gave me a bunch of makeup from Markwins International ( and other brands like TCW (the color workshop), Revlon, and a few high end makeup from Dolce & Gabbana.

So excited to start using them!!!

Till next time! Tschüssi! xx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Garnier Skin Naturals OilClear Zinc

Self-heating sauna mask: 

So I'm trying out this facial mask for the first time... just to see if it really does what it claims.

 It's a sachet of 2 doses which is kinda messy when opening and getting the product since it has a sticky clay texture. The color of the product is baby blue green. At initial application, you can feel some heat but I was in an air conditioned room so there was not much heat to feel.

When I moved to the bathroom, I was able to feel the heat of the mask.

It says you can leave it on for 3-4 minutes but I left it a little bit longer because I enjoyed the heat feeling when I had it on.


What do I think about it? 


-perfect amount in sachet

-instant heat feeling

-clean feel 

-cute color 

-easy to rinse

-easy to apply 



-sticky mess with the packaging

-does not heat in air conditioned room

-did not really get rid of my oil :(

-fugly look when it's ON my face... o.0


 Will I re-purchase this? - Yes! When I finished this product I will sure buy it again just to see if it works when it's regularly used. 


Anyway, till next time.

Tschüssi! xx

How I got rid of my unwanted hair? (IPL, Waxing & Epilate)


Since I'm half European, I'm hairy!!! I already had hair in my underarms as early as age 11 and my mother immediately shaved it off!!! BIG mistake! It just got worse. 

I have literally tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it!!!!
For the longest time I had stuck to shaving every morning!!! But then I had really dark underarms and chicken skin! :( Eeeeeeew right?!

So I heard about the IPL ( treatments that you can have to "permanently" get rid of hair...

To be honest I've had about 10 very expensive sessions and I still have a lot of hair in my underarms. 
Cutting the story short about IPL. (If I had continue spending too much, I maybe no longer have hair?)

IPL Pros:
-burns the hair until root
-hair grows slower
-apparently permanently gets rid of hair
-not too painful
IPL Cons:
-burning sensation when sweating
-skin becomes super sensitive
-easily irritated

I gave it up and tried waxing which is not too expensive compared to IPL.

Waxing Pros:  
-no hair for at least a week
-cheap and can be done at home
-skin exfoliates with the wax
-hair gets thinner

Waxing Cons:
-more ingrown hair
-need to wait for 2-3 weeks before you can wax again
-works best when going to a waxing salon

I didn't have much time going to the waxing salon so I searched for a "home" solution.

I bought an epilator with shaving head for myself last Christmas.

I believe it is a good investment.

I've been using this product ever since and only went to the waxing salon for a bikini... ;) 
Tried epilating my bikini line and it HURTS so I prefer to just wax it once a month.

My underarms has gone lighter and I have received compliments on it which really flattered me. Yay!

Epilating Pros:
-can be done anywhere as long as there is a power plug
-less painful compared to waxing and IPL
-can be done quickly
-convenient to bring anywhere
-hair grows thinner

Epilating Cons:
-initial EXPENSE
-electricity use
-some ingrown hairs
-loud sound when turned on

I'm just speaking from experience so let me know what you think. What has worked for you?
Do you have the same issues?

I am also currently using a underarm whitening peeling treatment given by my sister who claimed it worked for her but she didn't have enough time to repeat the peeling treatment.

The only problem I have left with my underarms is the excessive sweating... :(
Does any of you know a good deodorant I can use? I've tried MANY MANY deodorants but only a few of them worked. I can write a separate post about deodorants. Just comment on this blog.

Till next time!
Tschüssi! xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Testing Blogger App on iPhone


So I just downloaded the free app on iPhone and this would be my first post with this app.

So what do I wanna write about? Hmmm...

My sister is close and I offered her to come over so that she can visit her niece (by the way, I'm a mother of a beautiful girl). I just saw her actually wanting to play with the cats. How cute. She is just like a smaller version of me.

Anyway, I am thinking of giving her the stuff I barely use or the ones she may like to have...

I happen to have grown two pimples on my left cheek which hurt like crazy now. Totally forgotten to tone and wear a mask last night. I think I'm breaking out with fashion 21 two way cake mixed with the pore ever Étude house primer.


I will never mixed those products again! :-(

Maybe it is also because I changed my skin care routine to Garnier?!

But I consistently change my routines and I barely break out...

Is it the calcium supplement I've been taken recently? So many speculations... Oh my.

Ok, back to the makeup goodies. My new good friend will give me makeup!!! So I will be generous to my sister and give her some of my new makeup!!! Yay!

So I posted a pic of my bare face. I just woke up. You can see I'm oily and blemished. :-( oh well, I'm showing this because I'm real. I have large pores oo and loads of blackheads and whiteheads. Sucks, but this is how I am. Deal with it! 

I may be giving my fashion 21 two way cake and my étude house loose powder because it's too light and my sister has a lighter skin tone than myself... We will see what else she would wanna have too...

Till next time.
Tschüssi! xx 




So you may wonder what kind of makeup I own or what brands of makeup I wear and use...

I buy department / drugstore makeup. I also own and use some high end makeup which I did purchase myself or was given to me by a friend.
Let's try and list all the brands that I have owned and tried:
and here is the last picture of my collection (of course this is already outdated...) 

Art Deco
Dolly Wink
ellana minerals
Estee Lauder
Etude House
Ever Bilena
Fanny Serrano
Fashion 21
FM Cosmetics
Nyx Cosmetics
The Body Shop
The Face Shop

Whoa, I am not 100% sure if I included absolutely everything... but it's kinda obvious I own a lot of makeup.
Anyway, let me know if you want a review of any specific brand I own. I already reviewed some of my makeup via the old blog I had shared (  

By the way, this is my only "high end" makeup haul. I only bought 2 items but I got all the other stuff for free!!! 

I didn't own this much makeup ever but I somehow got addicted to it...
I also try several different application types and see how long these last or how my skin reacts to it.
I have also used my makeup on friends and clients (yes, I sometimes do get paid to do makeup) - then I ask them how long it lasted, how the makeup reacted with their skin, etc.; the more feedback - the better!

So let me know what you think. 

Till next time.
Tschüssi! xx

Thursday, 7 June 2012



It's my first time to actually have my own blog. I previously / and still share a blog with and and posted looks, reviews about beauty products, etc. (you can check out our previous posts:

About myself:

I'm in my quarter life now. I'm half German with Danish and Swedish heritage and half Filipino with Spanish and Chinese heritage. I'm a model/MUA wannabe with some experience. :)

I'm makeup-crazy and super duper addicted to all kinds of beauty products. I read reviews before I try products but of course, I would wanna experience the products myself.
I've had good and bad experiences with products but hey, without experience, how would we find out?

I'm a fashion addict. I have an account on pose. I like nail polish but I don't like wearing them because they never last long on my nails. I don't like spending on clothes. I prefer buying bargain clothing because I'm a fan of vintage and cheap clothes. It's how you bring your clothing and not about what brand you're wearing. I've seen people wear super expensive brands but on my opinion --- yuck! How can a very expensive brand earn money on those "ugly" clothing or even shoes!!?!

I love shoes! I do not know how many shoes I own though because my sister asks for some and I give away the ones I do not like to wear anymore... 

I used to spend half of my salary on shoes alone. 
(Now I sorta spend it on makeup and other beauty products.) 

I have branded shoes and one of my current favorite shoe stores is payless -- there was a time I bought 4 pairs of heels when they were on SALE! Love it!

About makeup: I have posted pictures of my collection but it's OUTDATED already because I've bought MORE. Just today, I splurged on BLUSHES from Fashion21 (made in Taiwan). They are cheap and actually pretty good comparing the two-way cake to my THE BODY SHOP all in one face base.
Let me know if you want me to do a comparison review. 

What kind of stuff will you be expecting in this blog?

I will most likely just be posting looks of people I've done and even myself on how and what I like to wear.
I have an unpredictable fashion sense. Sometimes I like to dress up like a girl in a skirt, sometimes I prefer to look sporty -- it really depends on my mood.

What's my skin like?

I have a sand to golden beige complexion. Not too light and not too dark. 

I'm acidic and I have oily skin with loads of milia that I'm super trying hard to get rid of. Apparently, these milia cysts appear when too much chemicals have been applied on the skin or too much oily food is eaten... *sigh*

Good thing milia can't be seen when pictures are taken though I wish that when I touch my skin it feels smooth... 

Well, nobody's perfect.

Let me know what you think because comments will always be appreciated.

Till next time.