Saturday, 21 September 2013


WORD! I was watching movies on youtube when we realized there were policemen outside... They had just retrieved my phone but did not catch the dude who stole it. The micro sim and SD cards were the only ones missing... (I could just get that easily replaced...!) 

I couldn't really believe they found it?! They said they asked the people who were loitering at the area where my phone got snatched and someone finally spilled the beans and told them where the suspects family is from (Paranaque). They said they went to see his family to ask to return my phone... They did. I never thought that I would actually see my phone again.

I have spent the whole night crying in bed last night thinking about what happened. The shock and the shaking I felt when it all happened so fast. Well at least my phone is back and I am so happy about it! :) 

It even still has all my "personalization" and pass codes - they didn't even try to wipe it nor sell it?!

When I tested another sim, I immediately received a text message from that phone number with the exact location of my phone. So yeah, it's nice to know what features I had installed beforehand. Now I just need to create a Samsung account to make sure it's easier to find it next time (which I hope will not happen...)

PS: Special thanks to SPO4 Roderick Ellasus and co. for their efforts. *clap*clap* GOOD JOB!!!

steal my look - sept. 19 2k13

Mausi's smokey bronze party look!

before and after HMUA



Friday, 20 September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini-Review (snatchers will get their karma sooner than later...)

what happened? someone literally snatched my phone from my hand last night and took off, I was sitting in the jeepney and I had my headphones on... I didn't hear / feel anyone come near but when I entered the jeep, I already had a that gut feeling that something shitty was going to happen. Oh well, it did! Unlucky me. The phone was just about 3 months old... It felt fragile so I was lightly holding it. Note to self: never take your phone out when commuting if you don't want your phone snatched from your hand with brute force. The others in the jeep just said "let it go..." I couldn't stop my tears and emotions from taking over... I was in shock and I was shaking. I couldn't even make a proper phone call. I knew these kids were up to no good. No wonder the snatched looked so familiar. I will most likely recognize him again, when I see him...

So about the S4... I was so excited when I got it brand new. It was newly released and everyone was raving about it. The price has dropped a lot! I wonder why... The battery life is SHIT! You can't even go through the whole day without the phone dying on you half way through... The phone is way to big to hold and it's even hard to take selflies (*vain much)... LMAO

Oh well, I just hope someone with a good heart will just donate a new phone because I obviously cannot afford to get a phone that expensive again (I got it for free with a Globe Telecom plan).

So for the meantime, I will not really be posting anything for a while. I need to recover from my "emotions" of having no smartphone.

I am already thinking which phone to get next to use with my LTE sim card. Hmmm... NOT another S4.
The active one is not even released here yet. Probably an iPhone again... I don't know depends on my budget and if someone will donate one... *wishful thinking.

I just know karma will take care of it. 


Thursday, 12 September 2013

My updated bare face - 13.09.2013

I'm so happy about my Rio Sonic e-brush!!!

I have been using it at least once a day with alternating random facial cleansers I currently use depending on my mood:

The Body Shop - Tea Tree Facial Wash
Neutrogena - Pomengrate Facial Foam
Jericho - Foaming Facial Scrub
Snoe - beauty bar (rarely because this stings my skin a bit)

When I am out I have these to fix my skin:

I also have a facial brush in the office which I use with my Avon Porefection Facial wash :)

Too many products.
It works to regularly wash and moisture your face...

I barely wear makeup now and I am Ok with it.

Makeup should only be worn when needed or wanted.

For everyday? Use BB creams or tinted moisturisers... ;)

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Mid-September Haul

Hello There,

So yeah, I got me some goodies from Snoe - I've missed this booth so much I am so sad I did not have enough time to check out all their new stuffs so I got what I needed.
Spent 2253php...

What did I get?
BBfied -  HD-BB Pigment Mix Custom Coverage in X2 MARBLE (light with yellow undertone) price 799php

To those who do not know what BBfied is:
> transform your favorite daily facial cream or lotion into a BB cream, tinted moisturizer, foundation or concealer! Get all the benefits of your favorite skin care products with the coverage of Snoe BBfied! Cover all your imperfections such as spots, uneven skin tone, pimples and even under eye circles. Be amazed, be BBfied!
Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, CI77492, CI77491, CI77499, Nylon-12, Triethoxyxaprylysilane, Untramarines, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Aluminium Hydroxide.

This is what I am most excited to use! I have been eye-ing this product for about a year I didn't come around to buy it because of the price... but now I finally gave in...

SNOE soaps on promo 556php

HAIR HEROES - "INTENSE" hair conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil. 599php

Also had my eye on this product and now I can't wait to use this and see the difference on what it will do to my hair... yey!!!

Snoe Sunblock 45 SPF Instant rosy white - 299php

From Nature's Republic:

Botanical All Day Tint Eyebrow 425php

Freebies: Collagen Dream - 9 skin booster and 7 emulsion


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Friday, 6 September 2013

Dazzling White Professional Strength Whitening Pen 1st Application

Excuse my rabbit teeth...

These are the pictures of my first application... let's see if this stuff really works... :)

Bought this is Watsons for more or less 300 Php.


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