Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Anyone who's into the ORANGE lip trend?

New Trend?! Velvet Nails?!?!

I wanna try this but I don't know where to get these items here in the Philippines ;(

Monday, 28 January 2013

Steal My Look - Fresh Fridays Light Fushia Lips (part 1 w/morebeaute2)

Steal my Look - Fresh Fridays (part 2 w/morebeaute2)

Steal my Look - Before I stupidly burned my face! (w/ morebeaute2 @2013)

Steal My Look - Basic Beauty (morebaute2)

I don't remember what products I used... enjoy!

Steal My Look - Sexy Smokey Cat Eyes (X-Mas 2012)

Makeup Brushes!!! (part I)

Hi there,

so I thought I would share my makeup brush collection. I just cleaned most of them then I tried counting them for inventory. I have a good memory with stuff I own and I remember most of their prices. (Well I can still guess the price range of each brush I bought over the past years...

How do we want to start?
Do I own a set? Yes, a few.
Do I have travel sizes? Yes, some.

So let's find out which brands I own. (S=synthetic;N=animal hair)

1) MAC - retractable face brush (it was a gift from my mom so no price, sorry! N)
2) THE BODY SHOP - retractable face brush (it is a little bigger than the MAC one I have and it's kinda expensive - @1000 PHP on it!S)
3) PCX - retractable face brush (it's the biggest retractable brush I own; almost a size of a kabuki brush but not as dense like the other kabuki brushes I own.S)
4+5) 2 from THE BODY SHOP kabuki (@1000+PHP each!!! - I fell inlove with it and it has a small mini plastic pouch but one of it broke already - bad!!!S)
6) SUESH - vegan brush @950PHP(S)
7) Maybelline New York - freebie from my sister so I don't know the price! N
8) Marrionaud - large powder brush No.30 @500PHP S
9) Marrionaud - powder brush No.2 @500PHP N
10) Etude House - large stippling brush @600+PHP S
11) Etude House - small stippling brush @400+PHP from Kim S
12) Suesh - super dense flat foundation brush @850PHP S
13) Suesh Blush - semi-flat powder brush (from the 15pcs set @1500PHP) N
14) Marrionaud - angled blush brush (2pcs because I love it! @170PHP) S
15) e.l.f. - flat fluffy powder brush (@249PHP each) N

OK I don't feel like typing anymore.... so bye!

Steal My Look - neutral all the way

Steal My Look - soft smokey lilac/purple