Monday, 22 July 2013

Doesn't it piss you off?

When you come home and you hear shit about what I had to eat last week. I feel like shit. I feel stupid. I feel worthless. I am emo. It's the time of the month when shit comes down crashing like when you just came down from a high where you have just released all your "happy hormones"...

What do I do about it? Ignore.

I just can't feel that I can open up anymore and be myself because I no longer know myself. The life that I had and enjoyed? Gone. Where did it go? Just bits and pieces of memories and I can't stop these tears that fall down automatically down my cheeks I could feel the acid burn.

A disadvantage of being acidic? I have already ruined my face anyway... who cares? Nobody does... don't expect me to care either.

I cannot even express myself anymore.

"Get a life!!!" Fuck this shit!

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Some old makeup looks...

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True or false

It is up to you how you perceive it and if you believe.

Things are hardly the way they seem. You may have a different idea.

So why these questions? Truth? How can you cope with it?

Honest lying? What does that even mean?
I have no clue.

It is how we fully trust. No matter what being told we will believe and sometimes be blind to the obvious and continue that way...

Where are we going with this blog post?
What ever.

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Testing Bloggerdroid

Just installed this on my Galaxy S4...

My cats joined me in bed... cute... enjoy!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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NYX Haul July 2013

OK, here we go again! Me and my addiction to lip products:
Here are the new stuff:

NYX soft matte lip cream: @PHP270 each from @purpektionshop *twitter and instagram -- website:

I also have something new - butter gloss in "Peaches and Cream"




Addis Ababa


Peaches and Cream

(I already have: Milan and Sao Paolo from +Kim Yap ^_^)


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ombre Hair!

Hi there?!

So I'm one of the people who got some ombre hair done a week ago and that's how it looks like... it's now a bit faded because I picked a "purple" color.

Where? David's Salon Dona Solded
How long? 2-3 hours?
Cost? 2200++

Worth it? Maybe.

Love it? Not that much.
Had a haircut that I didn't wanted... :|