Monday, 30 December 2013

My Skin - Before and After 2013


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UPDATE: My bare face 2013 - year end

Hello there,

it's the end of year 2013 and I am proud to say I have sorta cleared my skin (if you do not know how my skin previously looked like - check my previous posts - I had burned my skin with acid early this year to challenge myself in covering it up with makeup - FAIL - I will not do this again - I still have scars - you see?). I no longer wear makeup everyday, since my face now looks "fresh"! Yeah?!!
I'm very content with my latest skincare routine:

I still use random cleansers and scrubs depending on my mood and I am happy with the results.
My Clarisonic Mia2 which I recently purchased (about 2 weeks ago) has changed my skin with visible results. I have even been receiving compliments on my "glowing" skin and I am very happy about it! Woooooooo....

Here is a list of the products I use at random:
  • Clarisonic Mia 2 (morning and evening - totally worth the splurge - I always look forward to use it twice a day 2 minutes at a time using the sensitive brush head)
  • Dr. Kaufmann IR white soap (most of the time at mornings and evenings - be careful as this stings the eyes)
  • Shu Uemura Skin Purifier (when I have worn makeup at night and sometimes in the morning as well - blurs my eyes sometimes but it doesn't hurt or bother me - by far my favorite makeup remover and skin cleanser - so worth the splurge as well... a big bottle will last you about a year!)
  • St. Yves Face Care Products (facial scrub and face wash I use at random once or twice a week - been using these products for years and I still like using this. It has a nice smell and it makes my face feel thoroughly cleansed.)
  • Jericho Foaming Facial Scrub (facial scrub I use at least once a week - I alternate with my St. Yves scrubs since this one is kinda pricey but I like it.)

Be warned: Clarisonic face brushes should only be used with MILD soap and facial cleansers...
I tried using it with a soap my sister gave me and it was too harsh on my skin I started peeling right away. It burned and hurt so be careful!

I took these pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S4 - no filter - I did not even use the "beauty shot" option... imagine how my skin would look with that feature.

Overall, I am happy with my current skincare routine and I'm in love with the products I currently use.

About my skin: To those of you who do not know: my skin type is oily to combination. I have super oily lids and T-zone area and I always have oil control sheets on my desk for a quick fix.


Happy New Year!


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Shu Uemura Haul


Ok, I just purchased the large green skin purifier (anti-aging) and eyelash curler.
Spent around 5k+ (less 15% discount) - received double points since it's my birthday month! Wohoo!

Everything else I got for free - awesome! :D

My first Laura Mercier product...


a good friend named Bex Doctor has gotten me into this so for my birthday, I finally went ahead and bought one for myself in the shade "sand" - I was going to get "bisque" which is one shade lighter but they didn't have any stocks left... they only had the variant with oil (for dry to combination skin).
Since I tend to get very oily on my lids and T-zone, I just went ahead and got the "sand" shade.

Our skin-tone changes depending on how much sun exposure or whitening products we use.
So far, I'm very satisfied with this product. I apply it with my hands to properly warm up and blend. It is very pigmented for a tinted moisturizer. I can say it's light to medium coverage. If you only have slight discoloration on your skin maybe this product is for you. I love - hate the packaging. Tubes tend to be squeezed but at least you can get all the product out of it. It's as good as a foundation quality-wise. It says on the box that you need to re-apply this product every 2 hours?! I think this product lasts longer than 2 hours on the skin if properly applied and blended and topped with face powder or powder foundation to set.

matte to dewy finish
SPF 20 sunscreen
light to medium coverage
can be used as or instead of foundation
OK for commuters

you need to use more product for more coverage
large tube packaging
cannot be used on damaged skin

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Rustan's price - PHP 1850