Friday, 30 December 2016


I had a friend with trust issues who went to see a shrink to learn to trust again... I don't think I have trust issues, I just don't trust unless proven worthy... I don't know how ruined it makes people when it seems like it is all in their head. That everyone is a liar. True. Everyone lies... but why do we still trust? Why do people still believe in words that may be lies? To trust someone is believing that they're worthy of their words. Sure sometimes, there may be times where people are dishonest. Of course there must be a reason... everything has a reason. So how do people learn to trust? Sometimes never... How do we fix this? It always depends on the person... I've forgiven, I've believed lies... yet, I can still trust... because I believe that the truth always comes out anyway... People believe in the saying, what they don't know won't hurt them. Getting hurt because of trust issues is another thing. It can ruin everything... the pain will never stop... it never ends.

How can we move on? We choose. We choose to who we trust and what we want to believe in.