Thursday, 23 April 2015

We choose who gets to hurt us...

So I have this friend who always asks for advise when getting serious could be in the picture.
Mind games should be out of the picture...

You should be able to know what you want and just simply go for it...

Everything in life is a RISK.

You will have to expect the worse of getting hurt or being rejected.
But hey, at least you tried, right?

I have to admit. I like playing hard to get because I know I can get pretty annoying when I'm really into someone. It's hard not to bother... I need to stop myself of course before he runs away from me.

Sad but true. There is a book that helped me keep my relationship. I'm not really in the mood to mention it though.
I wanna get another copy of it so I can continue reading it though... (downloading the eBook...)

Just keep in mind that you need to have your OWN life first before you can share it with someone else. You should have your OWN thing that you like doing ALONE so you have some ME time.
This is very important. This will keep you sane with what you have and will keep you from giving too much.

If you're planning on giving up everything? Don't.

Chances are it may not be worth it and you'll end up hurt.
I've heard too many stories of friends who did that and had their heart broken... I'm also kinda guilty on breaking hearts as well... but as much if you want to avoid hurting someone... you'll eventually have to go through with it to avoid getting hurt yourself in the long run, it might get ugly even.

I have far too much patience... some people think I give too many chances.
Some people think I'm too nice or I spoil the person I love. True.
This is just how I am. So if you had me and you've lost me? This is YOUR loss and not mine.

I can always treat someone else the same best way that I've treated you... maybe even better... I'm just glad I've moved on... Moving on can take time specially when you got really hurt... I

've recently been hurt... and yes, it's been really painful... at least I get to choose the person who gets to hurt me... I'm not 100% sure about my choices...

I would rather get hurt than be the hurtful one. Not only because you get to feel the emotional pain but also because this will make you a stronger, better and wiser person...

In the end it will always boil to how far you're willing to make it work and if it goes both ways, the better!