Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Steal my look: Afrojack @ Chaos (03/12/2015)

Steal my look: Afrojack @ Chaos March 12th 2015:

I've used a liquid foundation to conceal and contour my face; a darker and a shade that's almost the same as my skin tone. I used some concealer to conceal some red spots and acne marks as well as dark spots.

I've mixed 2 shades of matte lip cream from NYX to achieve that tone. (Copenhagen and Addis Ababa).

NYX Jumbo pen for my water-line to make my eyes look bigger. I've been recently digging this look.

Cat eyeliner with my Ever Bilena HD liquid liner.

Eyebrow powdered and used tinted gel to thicken and accentuate my eyebrows that look a lot thicker than the usual suspects.

My eyebrows are very thin and not so bushy... So I need to fill them in. 
Also wearing false natural lashes to make this look dramatic.

Also used the brow powder to contour and smoke my eyelids.

Bronze cream eyeshadow from Maybelline to fill my lids.

Contour powder by TheBalm. (Bahama Mama) This is my ALL TIME FAVE contour powder for now.

Enjoy this look ;)