Monday, 5 November 2012

Black Eyeliner Battle

The Face Shop:

Extreme eyeliner pen @560+Php

(I have had this one for over a year so the swatch is not that strong like it used to be. I loved it for so long but I find it a bit too pricey. It is long lasting for my oily lids though after a year it started fading... Still easy to apply since it is the pen type for sharp lines. I still use it to sharpen my eyeliner shape. I do not know if I will re-purchase it maybe when I am finished with all of these which will take a while. B+ score from me for now.

Thus, the search for the best eyeliner continues...)

Extreme cell recovery eyeliner @670+Php

(I have had this one for a while but I didn't use it much because I think it is expensive though it is glossy when applied compared to the matte one I first purchased from the same shop. I will not re-purchase it because it is expensive and the formula is a bit too thick for my taste. It also dries very fast and you can feel the weight on the lash line when you apply a few coats. B- score from me overall because it is long lasting though it is not that easy to shape your eyeliner with it. I use the above liner to sharpen edges from time to time. Sad but worth the try since it is good for your lashes, it claims. )

Professional grade eyeliner pen
24 hr tattoo effect eyeliner pen
Each @285Php

(I just got these so I will not write a review about it yet. I will test these first then I will write a detailed review if you want. Let me know, ;-)

Super Liner:
Carbon Gloss @860+Php (discontinued)
Black lacquer @750+Php

(Expensive or a drugstore eyeliner but I have read good reviews and raves. I would rather go for the face shop liners if I would go for pricey eyeliner. I will however wanna try the most raved one from Lancôme but still hesitant because it is super expensive!!! More than double of these.
C+ these are so hard to remove because they are super long lasting and resistant.)

Waterproof eyeliner pen @129Php

(Not that pigmented unless you add more coats. You get what you pay for. I will not re-purchase. D+)

Swatched them all on my arm (dry skin) and had running water with pressure. As you can see, the discontinued L'Oreal carbon black liner is not holding. Rubbed it and they all won't come off. Cool. Need remover to get rid of it...