Friday, 10 August 2012

Helping Flood Victims

Today, is a day to give to others in need.

We donated and collected cash (Total of PHP3000) from my colleagues, then bought the ready-to-eat goodies at Shopwise Festival Mall (Nadia Fernandine and Janice Lim). My other colleague (Yann Prunier) will then transport these goodies to the evacuation centers that have not received any goods relief. (Outside NCR)

In these times prayers are most appreciated but taking action and helping others is another thing.
People are willing to donate a little bit instead of giving their time. I would do both but I prefer to donate my time. I had enjoyed doing charity work in the past and I still am a person who is still willing to help others in need. The feeling of accomplishment in helping others is indescribable.

Will soon post pictures when these have been distributed (c/o Yann).

Have you donated?
It's never too late to donate. ;)

Till next time.