Thursday, 9 August 2012

ESSENTIALS: 5 Makeups // 5 Brushes & Accessories

If you've got perfect skin, I doubt that you need any makeup... you'll be more appreciated if you're YOURSELF, of course. So what are the things we do not want to miss?!

It really depends on how you want to enhance your features. But then I will count the ones you could use for everyday, a natural look. Something men really dig. Men do not like to wake up next to a person who looks different that with makeup on. It's so unnatural and for others even a turn off.

Please bear in mind that LESS is MORE!

We just want to enhance our features and make ourselves look more vibrant and alive.


1. Concealer (if you have blemishes - this is your best friend!) [Best Suggestion: Go for Maybelline New York's Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector - this has a concealer and a highlighter!!!]

2. Face Powder Foundation (to remove shine and even out skin tone) [Best Suggestion: Go for any Drugstore Face Powder - you will be using this most and re-purchasing this at most as well. Any mineral loose powder is fine too.]

3. Lip/Cheek Tint (this dual-function works well and gives a natural blush and some color to your lips) [Best Suggestion: If you're on a budget, there are 3 shades orange, purple and red to choose from when you buy the lip and cheek tint from Ever Bilena, Nichido etc. --]

4. Mascara (this is the best way to enhance our eyelashes) [Best Suggestion: Go for ANY Maybelline New York Mascara i.e. Falsies, Stiletto, Super Film, etc. or if you wanna splurge go for Maxfactor --]

5. Brown Eyebrow Shadow (this can be used as a soft eyeliner, semi-smokey shadow if blended properly on the lids and of course to define your eyebrows - awesome 3-in-1) [Best Suggestion: The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit (PHP1000) which is kinda pricey but has its benefits. If you want something more cheaper go for F21 of Nichido --]


1. Kabuki Brush (the best oil blotter! If your skin gets oily, you just have to brush around your face until the oil is gone! How cool! It's better than going cakey by re-touch, of course you can use this brush to buff your foundation and blend in your blush and even bronzer) [Best Suggestion: The Body Shop (PHP1000+) but you can have great ones from Nichido or Marionnaud for half the price]

2. 2-in-1 Brow/Slanted Liner Brush (this duo brush I love so much and I use it most often --- you can use the slanted liner brush to fill in your brows and line your eyes, the other brush is to put your brows in place and even brush through mascara to get rid of any clumps. Awesome!) [Best Suggestion: Marionnaud only costs less than (PHP70)!!!]

3. Eyelash Curler (the best way to curl your lashes quickly! TIP: when in a public restroom with a hand dryer, place the curler under the hand dryer for 10-15 seconds, then curl your lashes for 10 seconds - Voila! Your curly lashes will last much longer!) [Best Suggestion: ANY Brand will do! Even the (PHP20) curlers you can purchase in Chinese stores. Though I secretly want the Shu Uemura curler 24K Gold ;)]

4. Eyeshadow Brush (you can use to apply eyeshadow of course and apply loose powder under your eyes for a better more define effect to cover dark circles [Best Suggestion: Shawill, Ever Bilena and Marionnaud.]

5. Blending Brush (Best way to ever have your eyes with a pop of color of shadow should ALWAYS be blended well - harsh marks can ruin the look! You can use it to blend everything else on your face like on top of concealer, etc.) [Best Suggestion: The Body Shop or from e.l.f. if you wanna save money...]

Summary: There are many good brands to choose from, of course it all depends on experiences with products and boils down to own opinions.

This is my opinion, let me know what you think of if this helps.

Till next time!

Tschüssi! xx