Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BOOKS: Fifty Shades of Grey


it's been a while since I last read a book. Frankly, this has only interested me because it's entertainingly erotic but not too kinky though I am not very fond of her kind of writing. It's obvious it is the writer's first book... I have heard people rave about this book but it is a disappointment.

I guess I have expected so much more to play with (my imagination of course). The author used a lot of phrases over and over again to describe her lover... I just finished the first book and I am about 6 chapters with the second book.

What do I think of it so far? It's a typical fairy tale that I believe barely happens in real life. People said this book is wild. For me, not really. I guess it's just the sex that has interested me to read this book in the first place. I wondered how people were going to describe such "semi-porn" literature with someone starting out knowing nothing.

I would honestly read a lesbian erotic novel. I mean just watching the L-Word series was awesome... what if this was in a book? I would've thought about it differently. Any suggestions? I do not know if there are any good lesbian erotic novels out there... ;)

Will I continue reading? Of course. I want to know what happens next. The story is OK or shall I say "acceptable".

It is about a girl who starts out as a virgin, never been touched and never been kissed at the age of 21. Strange but well, these girls do exist in this world and I could name a few if I wanted to but I rather keep that to myself. This Ana character (the protagonist) is very jealous and lacks self confidence. It is obvious that many guys around her in this book are obviously attracted to her physically.

I never knew what Vanilla sex means until it was explained in this book. Haha~ at least something new to talk about... I actually prefer vanilla sex thank you very much.

I find toys exciting but damn! This book is not too wild for my preference --- and it was kinda hard for me to read it because at some point it gets a little boring.

You wanna know, read it yourself. Maybe you have a different point of view.
I am excited that they will make a film out of this book. Can't wait and see who they will be getting for the characters of this book... I do wish it's Matt Bomer playing Christian Grey ;)

This is just my opinion.
Deal with it!

Till next time Tschüssi! xx