Friday, 8 June 2012

Testing Blogger App on iPhone


So I just downloaded the free app on iPhone and this would be my first post with this app.

So what do I wanna write about? Hmmm...

My sister is close and I offered her to come over so that she can visit her niece (by the way, I'm a mother of a beautiful girl). I just saw her actually wanting to play with the cats. How cute. She is just like a smaller version of me.

Anyway, I am thinking of giving her the stuff I barely use or the ones she may like to have...

I happen to have grown two pimples on my left cheek which hurt like crazy now. Totally forgotten to tone and wear a mask last night. I think I'm breaking out with fashion 21 two way cake mixed with the pore ever Étude house primer.


I will never mixed those products again! :-(

Maybe it is also because I changed my skin care routine to Garnier?!

But I consistently change my routines and I barely break out...

Is it the calcium supplement I've been taken recently? So many speculations... Oh my.

Ok, back to the makeup goodies. My new good friend will give me makeup!!! So I will be generous to my sister and give her some of my new makeup!!! Yay!

So I posted a pic of my bare face. I just woke up. You can see I'm oily and blemished. :-( oh well, I'm showing this because I'm real. I have large pores oo and loads of blackheads and whiteheads. Sucks, but this is how I am. Deal with it! 

I may be giving my fashion 21 two way cake and my étude house loose powder because it's too light and my sister has a lighter skin tone than myself... We will see what else she would wanna have too...

Till next time.
Tschüssi! xx