Monday, 11 June 2012

How I got rid of my unwanted hair? (IPL, Waxing & Epilate)


Since I'm half European, I'm hairy!!! I already had hair in my underarms as early as age 11 and my mother immediately shaved it off!!! BIG mistake! It just got worse. 

I have literally tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it!!!!
For the longest time I had stuck to shaving every morning!!! But then I had really dark underarms and chicken skin! :( Eeeeeeew right?!

So I heard about the IPL ( treatments that you can have to "permanently" get rid of hair...

To be honest I've had about 10 very expensive sessions and I still have a lot of hair in my underarms. 
Cutting the story short about IPL. (If I had continue spending too much, I maybe no longer have hair?)

IPL Pros:
-burns the hair until root
-hair grows slower
-apparently permanently gets rid of hair
-not too painful
IPL Cons:
-burning sensation when sweating
-skin becomes super sensitive
-easily irritated

I gave it up and tried waxing which is not too expensive compared to IPL.

Waxing Pros:  
-no hair for at least a week
-cheap and can be done at home
-skin exfoliates with the wax
-hair gets thinner

Waxing Cons:
-more ingrown hair
-need to wait for 2-3 weeks before you can wax again
-works best when going to a waxing salon

I didn't have much time going to the waxing salon so I searched for a "home" solution.

I bought an epilator with shaving head for myself last Christmas.

I believe it is a good investment.

I've been using this product ever since and only went to the waxing salon for a bikini... ;) 
Tried epilating my bikini line and it HURTS so I prefer to just wax it once a month.

My underarms has gone lighter and I have received compliments on it which really flattered me. Yay!

Epilating Pros:
-can be done anywhere as long as there is a power plug
-less painful compared to waxing and IPL
-can be done quickly
-convenient to bring anywhere
-hair grows thinner

Epilating Cons:
-initial EXPENSE
-electricity use
-some ingrown hairs
-loud sound when turned on

I'm just speaking from experience so let me know what you think. What has worked for you?
Do you have the same issues?

I am also currently using a underarm whitening peeling treatment given by my sister who claimed it worked for her but she didn't have enough time to repeat the peeling treatment.

The only problem I have left with my underarms is the excessive sweating... :(
Does any of you know a good deodorant I can use? I've tried MANY MANY deodorants but only a few of them worked. I can write a separate post about deodorants. Just comment on this blog.

Till next time!
Tschüssi! xx