Thursday, 7 June 2012



It's my first time to actually have my own blog. I previously / and still share a blog with and and posted looks, reviews about beauty products, etc. (you can check out our previous posts:

About myself:

I'm in my quarter life now. I'm half German with Danish and Swedish heritage and half Filipino with Spanish and Chinese heritage. I'm a model/MUA wannabe with some experience. :)

I'm makeup-crazy and super duper addicted to all kinds of beauty products. I read reviews before I try products but of course, I would wanna experience the products myself.
I've had good and bad experiences with products but hey, without experience, how would we find out?

I'm a fashion addict. I have an account on pose. I like nail polish but I don't like wearing them because they never last long on my nails. I don't like spending on clothes. I prefer buying bargain clothing because I'm a fan of vintage and cheap clothes. It's how you bring your clothing and not about what brand you're wearing. I've seen people wear super expensive brands but on my opinion --- yuck! How can a very expensive brand earn money on those "ugly" clothing or even shoes!!?!

I love shoes! I do not know how many shoes I own though because my sister asks for some and I give away the ones I do not like to wear anymore... 

I used to spend half of my salary on shoes alone. 
(Now I sorta spend it on makeup and other beauty products.) 

I have branded shoes and one of my current favorite shoe stores is payless -- there was a time I bought 4 pairs of heels when they were on SALE! Love it!

About makeup: I have posted pictures of my collection but it's OUTDATED already because I've bought MORE. Just today, I splurged on BLUSHES from Fashion21 (made in Taiwan). They are cheap and actually pretty good comparing the two-way cake to my THE BODY SHOP all in one face base.
Let me know if you want me to do a comparison review. 

What kind of stuff will you be expecting in this blog?

I will most likely just be posting looks of people I've done and even myself on how and what I like to wear.
I have an unpredictable fashion sense. Sometimes I like to dress up like a girl in a skirt, sometimes I prefer to look sporty -- it really depends on my mood.

What's my skin like?

I have a sand to golden beige complexion. Not too light and not too dark. 

I'm acidic and I have oily skin with loads of milia that I'm super trying hard to get rid of. Apparently, these milia cysts appear when too much chemicals have been applied on the skin or too much oily food is eaten... *sigh*

Good thing milia can't be seen when pictures are taken though I wish that when I touch my skin it feels smooth... 

Well, nobody's perfect.

Let me know what you think because comments will always be appreciated.

Till next time.